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Laene Keith is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant with a major hospital group in Florida. She sees both the good and bad when it comes to nursing pillows. “I am of the minimalistic camp when it comes to additional support because I believe strongly in a laid-back breastfeeding approach in which baby is well supported by mommy while she is reclined,” said Keith. “With that said, I have witnessed many babies who definitely benefit from the additional positional and postural support provided by a nursing pillow.”

Many mothers have found the comfort Keith references by using nursing pillows, especially in the days following labor and delivery. says that her nursing pillow proved invaluable when trying to establish a breastfeeding bond with her twin daughters, born premature. “After exclusively pumping while my twins spent their first 30 days in the NICU, it was important to me to be able to establish a good nursing bond when we arrived home. My nursing pillow enabled me to nurse both babies at the same time, keeping my hands free for adjustments and saving me loads of time.”

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Which nursing pillow is best for you and your baby? To find out, we tested eight of the top brands and models with babies ranging in ages from six weeks to six months, seven to 14 pounds, and wiggly to restful while feeding. After putting each product through a range of tests to determine quality, stability, and functionality we are confident we have determined which products truly optimize the comfort for both mom and baby while nursing. We at BabyGearLab have been working diligently to provide both new and seasoned nursing mothers with comparative product information to help them in finding the right nursing aids for their lifestyle and needs as well as articles to guide them through the involved process.

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We have to stop here for a second and let you in on a few things the nursing pillow industry may not want you hear, though. Nursing pillows are made specifically to help with, well, nursing, but many lactation specialists and groups aren’t fans of of them. A growing group of breastfeeding advocacy groups, including La Leche League, now , with baby positioned with his whole face facing the breast and his body flat on his mother’s body. Other experts believe that no matter what the breastfeeding position of choice, nursing pillows are just one more thing that can get in the way of the natural order of things.

Compared with the cost of other baby gear, however, a nursing pillow is an affordable item that could end up saving you more in the long run if it helps you breastfeed longer and more comfortably. (Longer nursing means less money spent on infant formula.) Even moms who are not interested in breastfeeding might consider nursing pillows as a way to support baby during bottle-feeding sessions, or simply to lift them closer to their chests during cuddling. The prices of even top-of-the-line pillows aren’t outrageous additions to a baby registry.