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My collection of Super Nintendo games, and two NES games. For a while I thought I had a decent amount of games, now I realized I only have 12 SNES games. I definitely need to add more to my collection (for $10 or less a game of course).

To recognize and celebrate this important Nintendo milestone, IGN has compiled a list of the 125 greatest Nintendo games. From groundbreaking experimental software like Mario Artist, to beloved Nintendo classics starring Mario, Link, and Samus, these are the most important, fun, and influential games Nintendo ever made.

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    Across the following 9 pages you'll find 125 Nintendo greats, an explanation on why each game is one of the most important and most fun Nintendo games ever made, and a brand new, original Let's Play for (almost) every game, giving you a tour of what made the game so special. Without further ado, let's jump right in with #125...

    In the lengthy interim between the announcement of and its release, at least one other small outfit has sprung up to ship authorized Super Nintendo games: went to Kickstarter in 2013 to fund a cartridge with four original games on it. That and a few more titles are currently available at its website.