3. Nickelodeon coined the term "tween."

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Nickelodeon's schedule currently consists largely of original series aimed at pre-teens and young teenagers, including animated series (such as , , , , , and ), to live-action comedy and action series (such as , , , , , , , along with the month-long running show ), as well as series aimed at preschoolers (such as , , , , and ). The channel also airs of select original series that are no longer in production (such as and ), as well as occasional original . The channel also aired bi-monthly special editions of , a newsmagazine series aimed at children that debuted in 1992 as a weekly series which ended in 2015.

Nickelodeon's history dates back to December 1, 1977, when launched the first two-way interactive cable system, , in , . Its C-3 cable channel carried daily from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Nickelodeon launched on April 1, 1979, initially distributed to Warner Cable systems via satellite on the transponder. Originally commercial-free, advertising was introduced in January 1984.

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As of February 2015,[] Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite is available to approximately 94.7 million pay television households (81.4% of households with at least one television set) in the United States.

Since July 1985, it has shared its channel space with , a nighttime service that airs during the interim hours, and is treated as a separate channel from Nickelodeon by for ratings purposes; it features reruns of older primetime , along with some original series and feature films. Both services are sometimes collectively referred to as "Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite", due to their common association as two individual channels sharing a single channel space.