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Fallout: New Vegas - Ultimate Edition


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This modern guerrilla war game title takes players, engaged with the world as operative Alex Mason, into the dense jungles of Vietnam and the war-torn fields of Cuba. Undoubtedly the best of the new games for Xbox 360 out there, Black Ops features a completely reengineered multiplayer system, and an awesomely addictive zombie mode.

Not only is Mass Effect 2 one of the best new games for Xbox 360, it’s also a top role-playing game for any console out there. It features the impeccable storytelling that BioWare have gotten us used to, impressive graphics, action-oriented gameplay and diverse missions. It’s a tough game to beat, with a wide enough array of options in terms of action and dialog, which means it will be hard for you to get bored with it.

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  • Since the cold season is upon us, that means the gaming season is also here, and if you’ve got a Microsoft gaming console, you definitely need to know what the best new games for Xbox 360 are. It’s a dynamic chart, always changing with the release of new games and with advances made by the competing consoles, but it’s one that you want to kee
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    It’s been a whopping seven years since the release of the previous title in the franchise, but Eidos Montreal does not disappoint with the latest game in the series, a prequel with open-world gameplay, plus solid stealth and shooter combat mechanics. It’s also an action RPG, as you need to invest into upgrading protagonist Adam Jensen’s bio-mechanical abilities. Level missions and dialogue are both open, so there’s plenty of interaction to be had in this great addition to the list of best new games for Xbox 360.

    Kicking off our chart of the best new games for Xbox 360 is Rage, a surprising title, in that it’s a first-person shooter… with a personality. It’s set in the wonderfully designed post-apocalyptic universe of the Wasteland. Its characters are full of spunk and very expressive (especially the mutants!) and the racing scenes are so cool, they have the potential to become a spin-off game in and of themselves.