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Nerf Zombie Strike Strike Blade Toy


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The Nerf N-Force Battlemaster Axe provides a truly fun way to intimidate your opponents on the Nerf battlefield. At 2.5 feet long, this foam type of Nerf axe is long enough for adults but short enough to be manageable for children. The foam is firm enough to make an impact on opponents, but not firm enough to cause damage or even any real pain. In addition to its amazing ability to intimidate and take out opponents on the Nerf battlefield, this Nerf axe also looks cool. Its style stands out from typical Nerf swords and lets you adopt a particular look and attitude on the Nerf battlefield.

Reviewers give this Nerf sword high praise for its durability and firm design. They report that it is firm enough to cause discomfort when used, but soft enough not to do any serious damage. They also report that it looks cool, and is easy to use. The result is a high quality and fun way to add a Nerf sword to the Nerf battlefield.

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  • Become a part of the N-Force team!
  • The Nerf Shadow Fury Sword is perfect for attacking Nerf monsters.
  • Awesome blue hilt on a foam Nerf sword.
  • Arm yourself for the ultimate battle experience!

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The Nerf Zombie Strikeblade is a fun, high quality Nerf sword to add to your collection. Emblazoned with the Nerf zombie symbol, it is suitable for fighting off zombies in any Humans vs. Zombies Nerf war. It is about 31-32 inches long, with 24 inches of that length being the blade. As such, it is the right size to be comfortable for both adults and children as young as 4 or 5. This Nerf sword stands out because it is crafted from Nerf’s high quality foam. This foam makes the sword safe to play with, but durable enough to withstand regular, rough usage.

Reviewers love this Nerf sword because it is so durable. One reviewer even notes that it has withstood more than a year of daily usage by children. Plus, they are pleased with the fact that it can pack a punch without actually injuring the recipient of the swing. The result is a strong, intimidating, and fun addition to any Humans vs. Zombies Nerf war.