Neo Geo X Gold release date: Out now

NEOGEO X GOLD Limited Edition


A Neo Geo X Gold, limited edition!

RetroCollect was kindly provided a Neo Geo X to review as of recent thanks to , a distributor of various gaming hardware and accessories, catering to retro gamers.

Upon its arrival we were eagerly anticipating what this system could do, however, before we even got to testing, we spent quite some time admiring the packaging. Very much like the original Neo Geo, the Neo Geo X’s presentation is in a league of its own and gives off a feeling of quality. Upon opening the box this feeling remained as each compartment of the packaging within was carefully arranged and presented, so much so we were left with the ‘new-console’ feeling many of us may remember from Christmas day memories.

A Neo Geo X Gold, limited edition!

NeoGeoX Gold is Awesome! December 9, 2014
Reviewer: t0x from United States  

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This is where manufacturer Tommo have stepped in. After acquiring the Neo Geo license from SNK Playmore, Tommo have created a much more affordable alternative to enjoying SNK’s back catalogue. Arriving with 20 games built in, is the Neo Geo X a worthy investment when compared to the original (and pricey) hardware?

The Neo Geo X Gold bundle consists of a handheld, a dock, an arcade stick and a Neo Geo X game card -- a package that's certainly greater than than sum of its parts. Combined, these pieces create a functional facsimile of a home game console, but the brain of the operation lives in the portable itself. It's a handsome piece of kit, featuring a 4.3-inch LCD screen flanked by four face buttons on the right, and an 8-direction d-pad on the left. A menu and start toggle sit on either side of the screen, too, as do a pair of speakers. More controls line the device's metallic edge, including brightness and volume controls, four shoulder buttons, power, a headphone jack and a game card slot. A rubberized back pad tops the hardware off, spelling out SNK in metallic letters. The device is a bit too long to fit comfortably in a pocket, but sat nicely in this editor's large hands.