How to Make a My Little Pony House for Twilight Sparkle

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If your little girl enjoys the My Little Pony DVD’s she is bound to know of this My Little Pony doll house. To find out more

My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Balloon House

My Little Pony has made a come back recently and lots of little girls want a My Little Pony doll house. I remember playing with these toys when I was a young girl over twenty years ago. It’s really nice that my little girl wants the same things now that I played with and enjoyed as a child.

Autism House: My Little Pony Binder House

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    This My Little Pony doll house features a light-up chandelier and three levels of fun pony play! Playset comes with Pinkie Pie and Blossomforth pony figureures, bed, table, seesaw, frog, vase, flower, 2 perfume bottles, bath brush, 2 sandwiches on plates, 2 cups and mail.