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Ask any experienced moms what their must have items were for baby’s first year, and each mom will give a different answer. Every family is totally unique, have their own personality and parenting style. Still, there are some items that most moms agree on. No matter how much you love holding baby in your lap at mealtimes, at some point you’ll probably want to save your clothes from baby food stains and put baby in a high chair. Even if you decide to cut a lot of the typical essentials off your , the big-ticket items still adds up fast.

As we prepared for we realized that several of our baby items had been cycled through and needed replacement. I find that most items make it through 2-3 babies and then have outlived their life span. There are also loved items that we’ve had since the beginning of our parenting days, but they’re hanging on for dear life. Namely our crib has lasted us twelve years. Once Liam is into his toddler bed the crib will be made into a fabulous creation that I’ve seen on Today I’m sharing a list of my must have items for each baby. I’ve also included how long each of these items tend to last, at least in our baby growing household. Be sure to leave your must have baby item ideas in the comments.

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