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We have five new Moshi Monsters Codes for you today! They include Moshi Mosters Food and stuff for your Moshi Monsters Room so get adding them now!

There are 52 different Moshlings to collect in the game and a bunch of fun games and puzzles. Moshi Monsters Moshling Zoo is ideal for someone who is new to video games because the options for movement are limited and the hints are fairly good. Older kids might feel limited by the available options. This game is also a great tie in for kids who are already enjoying Moshi Monsters online. The game even includes an exclusive in game Moshling. There is a card inside with a code to claim it in the online game. Definitely a great starter game for anyone entranced by collecting cute, cuddly animals!"}">

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    Description Do you want to become a super Moshling Boshling? In this game you have to knoc [...]
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    Moshlings is small creature of moshi monsters, in other games called as ‘Pet’. Anyone able to catch moshi monsters moshlings the save into their Moshling Zoo. Some moshlings is ultra rare and needs a secret combination of seeds which planting in your Garden.

    To play Moshi Monsters Moshling Zoo, you use the stylus to press an arrow left or right to move through each area of the game. Alternately, you can also use the directional key. As you scroll through each area of the game, you will use the stylus to tap on items you find to either collect points or add the item to your inventory. Travelling through the game, you will be told you need some of the items to accomplish something - like an iron to iron napkins or a paintbrush to paint a picture. You will also find things that some of the Moshlings want like a crown for Priscilla Pony. You'll be given hints throughout the game to help and there is a Monstropedia book with information about each of the Moshlings that can help give you ideas of how to get them to come with you.