Monkey Beach, Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Monkey Beach

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Monkey Beach-that magical place that b'gwus (Sasquatches) are.

I filmed these Long-Tailed Macaque Monkeys out on Phi Phi Don Island off the coast of Krabi, Thailand last summer. Although this specie of monkey feeds on crabs, coconuts and pineapple, they also eat leaves, flowers, roots and bark. Macaque Monkeys are omnivores and also love to eat vertebrates (including bird chicks and nesting female birds, lizards, frogs, and fish).

Macaque Monkeys are often trained as coconut pickers by coconut farmers in Thailand. They actually climb the coconut trees and with their very sharp teeth quickly by bite through the stem that holds the nut to the tree. However they are still a kind of common wild animal in Thailand.

You can clearly see in this footage that some tourist gave one of these monkeys their frozen coffee drink. Feeding Long-Tailed Macaque Monkeys on "Monkey Beach" is not advisable due to their aggressive tendencies. They will bite you!

Also included in this video are clips from the movie "The Beach" starring Leonardo De Caprio. They filmed this movie on parts of the islands (Maya Bay). This is the movie that inspired so many people to go visit the Phi Phi Islands which was a well kept secret before the movie.

I would advise you not to visit the Phi Phi Islands between the months of November and April. There are just too many tourists out there during that time.

Peace! ~Ted

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Monkey Beach Excursion including BBQ Lunch from Penang

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Monkey Beach is situated in the Penang National Park in the North-western Coast of the Island. It is one of the few pristine beaches left on the Island because it is not as exposed to the pollution found along the West Coast of the Island.

The beach can be reached either by a one and a half-hour hike along the coast or by a short boat ride from the park entrance. The calm bay of Monkey Beach is considered safe for swimming, unlike many beaches on the island that are infested with . Although it is relatively isolated, visitors to the beach are not uncommon and numbers increase especially during the summer tourist season. A further half an hour uphill hike from the beach will take visitors to the scenic .