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A central challenge for cognitive and systems neuroscience is to relate the incredibly complex behavior of animals to the equally complex activity of their brains. Recently described, large-scale neural models have not bridged this gap between neural activity and biological function. In this work, we present a 2.5-million-neuron model of the brain (called “Spaun”) that bridges this gap by exhibiting many different behaviors. The model is presented only with visual image sequences, and it draws all of its responses with a physically modeled arm. Although simplified, the model captures many aspects of neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and psychological behavior, which we demonstrate via eight diverse tasks.

This life-size, eight piece model of the brain is designed as an aid for teaching physiology and hygiene courses. It facilitates the students to get a correct understanding of the external features of the brain and the arterial supply as a whole, as well as the relations between their component proportions. And it's also great as zombie bait!

Clay Model of Brain - spc-id-2385 - Science 3D illustration

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    UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- A new model of brain lateralization for movement could dramatically improve the future of rehabilitation for stroke patients, according to Penn State researcher , who proposed and confirmed the model through novel virtual reality and brain lesion experiments.

    Get jello molds in the shape of the brain at . For about $12 (plus shipping) you get either a gelatin mold of the top half of the brain or a side (lateral) view of the brain. Make brains over and over again. You can also model the of the brain by using layers of plastic wrap on top of your jello brain. Make sure everyone gets a taste. Now that's what I call