My Minecraft Portal Isn't Working, Why?

Official Minecraft Exclusive NETHER PORTAL Toy Action Figure Hanger

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Steam Workshop :: Minecraft in Portal 2

Sure, it doesn’t look as pretty as the real version, but that’s part of the charm of Minecraft, right? Read more about Minecraft Portal over on the .

Minecraft portals are four blocks wide by five blocks tall, leaving a 2x1 space in the middle, which you must set on fire with a flint and iron fire starter. As soon as the flame hits the center of the portal, a purple hue will appear and your portal will begin working.

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    Here’s another video of a Minecraft Portal server with a couple of players blasting through walls and pushing around some weighted companion cubes.

    Ah, now you have discovered the fun of minecraft portals. You see, in theory, you should be able to create a portal in the normal world, portal into the Nether and then leave again and find yourself outside the original portal. This rarely seems to happen. What seems to happen more often is that you portal into the Nether, then emerge in some apparently random place.