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Brave Little Tailor -
Mickey's Parrot -
Mickey's Rival -
The Karnival Kid -
Mickey's Choo-Choo -
Mickey's Service Station -
Plane Crazy -
Mickey's Amateurs - 053:05
The Haunted House -
Moose Hunters -
Orphan's Picnic -
The Pointer -
Wild Waves -
Moving Day -
Mickey's Fire Brigade -

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About Mickey Mouse:
Mickey Mouse first came into our lives in 1928 with a whistle and two step in the classic Disney cartoon Steamboat Willie. He has since existed as an icon of disney, our childhoods, and the magic kingdom. Mickey has appeared in over 130 films including Brave Little Tailor (1938) and Fantasia (1940), as well as television shows like the New Mickey Mouse Club (1996)! With Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Goofy, Donald Duck, and his nemesis Pete, Mickey is back for more fun and adventures in a ton of new Disney animated shorts. Fans of all ages, new and old, are sure to enjoy.

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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a shoddily animated half-hour of garbage programming produced in bulk somewhere in a sweatshop editing bay off the coast of Malaysia. It has all your favorite Disney characters, and serves as a reminder that you never liked these characters all that much to begin with.

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King Mickey Mouse
(王様, ミッキーマウス)
Role Keyblade Master
Origin Plane Crazy (First produced)
Steamboat Willie (First released)
Home World Disney Castle
Other Residences Castle Oblivion (CoM)
Twilight Town (Days, KHII)
Mysterious Tower (BbS)
Country of the Musketeers (DDD)
Symphony of Sorcery (DDD)
Katakana 王様, ミッキーマウス
Romaji Ōsama
Mikkī Mausu
English Voice
Wayne Allwine (KH to 358/2 Days)
Bret Iwan (BbS onwards)
Japanese Voice
Takashi Aoyagi

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"Mickey Mouse" is a slang expression meaning small-time, amateurish or trivial. In the UK and Ireland, it also means poor quality or counterfeit. However, in parts of Australia it can mean excellent or very good (rhyming slang for "grouse"). Examples of the former two of the three usages include the following.

Mickey Mouse's global fame has made him both a symbol of and of the United States itself. For this reason Mickey has been used frequently in anti-American , such as the infamous underground cartoon "". There have been numerous of Mickey Mouse, such as the parody by in which the mouse walks around unshaven and jails out of jealousy over the duck's larger popularity. The grotesque character was created by over his hatred of Mickey Mouse. In , puts a black bra on his head to mimic Mickey Mouse and says: "I'm the mascot of an !" On the series , Mickey is depicted as the sadistic, greedy, foul-mouthed boss of , only interested in money. He also appears briefly with in the comic by the Italian cartoonist .