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Is your child looking for a stylish back-to-school look? Get them one of these cute, colorful kids messenger bags from Lillian Vernon! Our messenger bags for kids can be personalized with your child's name or initials – and they are sturdy enough to carry all of their precious belongings. With comfortable straps and adorable patterns, these are the perfect kids messenger bags for school! Don't forget to check out our other styles of fun yet functional and for even more options for kids on the go!.

If you live in a rainy or humid climate, you'll want a nylon messenger bag to protect homework or important documents. Urban messenger bags are made of tough synthetic materials, like nylon, and many are then treated with water-resistant coatings. Look for a nylon messenger bag that also includes a vinyl lining to further protect your portfolio or documents for a client. These waterproof styles make great messenger bags for school, as their separate compartments will protect children's work and carry pencils, erasers, markers and more.

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canvas messenger bag, canvas messenger bags for school - BagsEarth

For carrying around a few essentials, you'll want to have a compact messenger bag made of leather of fabric. The size of messenger bags for school makes them ideal carry-on bags. Available in a variety of chic styles, small messenger bags also make excellent alternatives to handbags.