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Pokemon Mega Metagross EX Premium Collection


Pokemon Mega Metagross EX Premium Collection

Shiny Mega Metagross-EX and Shiny Metagross-EX are ready to rock in this Pokemon Mega Metagross EX Premium Collection. These Pokémon cards will add some firepower to your deck.

We have some really exciting Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire news to share with you now. A new mega evolution for the game had been hyped for weeks and now we can confirm that it is going to be the Pokemon Mega Metagross.

mega metagross design is way too busy…

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Mega MetagrossMegaMetagoros

You can see the Mega Metagross reveal below:

It revealed Mega Metagross, which will be used by Steven. Steven Mega Evolves Metagross using the Mega Brooch, and the scan references the fact that there are different Pokémon in Hoenn than before.

Mega Gyarados is by far my favorite mega Pokemon currently in X and Y (Mega Metagross is likely looking to be my new fave). The biggest reason it’s my favorite is not only the design, but it actually is the only Pokemon in the game to actually synergize well with itself, and the fact the opponent doesn’t even know when it will Mega evolve. Regular Gyarados can take Fighting and Bug types Mega Gyarados can’t take a hit from, and Mega Gyarados and can take Rock, Ice, and even Electric attacks well with it’s change to Water/Dark typing. The abilities also synergize well, as Intimidate boosts Gyarados’s Defense, and Mold Breaker allows Gyarados to finally take down Pokemon who used to threaten it like Dragonite and Rotom-W. Overall, Gyarados was already a beast on the field, and with a Mega evolution it becomes that much more unpredictable.