's lawsuit against Marvel was dismissed again in February 2011.

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Initially Marvel Studios was in talks with as a possible distributor. Negotiations dragged on, so the studio began talks with . In second quarter 2005, Merrill attempt to back out of full financing of each movie demanding that Marvel finance 1/3 of the budget. Marvel took back in five foreign territories rights from Paramount to pre-sell to meet that demand. On September 6, 2005, Marvel announced the Merrill Lynch financing deal with Paramount on as marketer and distributor. Also, the parent company changed its name from Marvel Enterprise, Inc. to Marvel Entertainment, Inc. to reflect the change to self-production.

On December 31, 2009, purchased Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion. Both Marvel and Disney stated that the merger would not affect any preexisting deals with other film studios for the time being, although Disney said they would distribute future Marvel projects with their once the deals expired.

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  • Marvel Merchandising department/Heroes World Distribution Co. (early 1970s-1975/1994-1996)
  • Malibu Comics (1994–1997)
  • Marvel Books division (c.1985)[71]
  • Marvel Comics Ltd. (1972–1995; UK subsidiary)[72]
  • Marvel Films (1993-1996)/Marvel Studios, LLC (1996-2015) a film and television production company; now a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Studios[73]
    • Marvel Films Animation – animation subdivision (1994–1997)
  • Marvel Mania Restaurant (Marvel Restaurant Venture Corp.)
  • Marvel Enterprise division
    • Marvel Interactive
      • Online Entertainment (Marvel Zone)
      • Software Publishing
    • Fleer Corporation
      • Panini Group: Italian sticker manufacturer
    • SkyBox International
  • Marvel Music Groups (1981-1989) music publishing subsidiary[74][75]
  • Marvel Productions (1981-1989)[8]
  • Mighty Marvel Music Corporation (1981-1989) music publishing subsidiary[74][75]
  • MLG Productions (2006-2011), Marvel & Lionsgate's subsidiary group for Marvel Animated Features[76][77]
  • Spider-Man Merchandising, L.P. (? -2011): A joint venture of Marvel and Sony Pictures Consumer Products Inc. that owned the rights to Spider-Man movie related licensed products.
  • Welsh Publishing: comic book publisher

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Another Toy Biz reorganization plan supported by the most creditors is submitted to the court on February 13, 1998. New York Stock Exchange stops trading of Marvel stock on April 17. Toy Biz owners and , with the banks on their side, snatched Marvel from Perelman and Icahn, in order to protect their own financial interests. Retailer and columnist estimated that Perelman made $200 to $400 million from Marvel, while magazine believes he made nothing; and the judge in the Marvel bankruptcy trial estimated that Perelman made $280 million plus various tax advantages. The judge ousted Icahn as Marvel's chairman in December 1997, naming a trustee to run Marvel while discussion continued between the various factions.

The power discs of are all sold in blind packs of two discs each. The discs' packaging is light blue in color, and includes a picture of the logo and some of the game's . Each of the three series of power discs in this game were sold in separate waves, which means they were packaged at different times and thus were all added to different batches of packs that were made. For this reason, each pack of discs has a red banner in the upper left-hand corner that denotes which series the pack is from (series 1, series 2, or series 3), and thus which discs the pack contains. The -exclusive packs have a very similar design, but is gold rather than light blue, and the red banner in the corner does not have a series denoted on it, but instead simply says "2 Power Discs".In , the discs were still sold in blind packs of two discs each, but the packs' design was changed. The color of the pack was changed from light blue to dark blue and white. The packs this time were divided into two classes: those containing discs and those containing Disney Originals discs. The Marvel discs had an image of most of the game's Marvel and the logo, while the Disney Originals discs featured an image of most of the game's Disney Originals figures and the game's "Disney Originals" logo.