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The creative team at Baby Lullaby Music is already planning the third project, as the response to the first two has been very positive. If it goes as planned, it will be a much more difficult endeavor for us – but definitely worth the wait. Stay tuned…
is another wonderful collection of music from the pen (pencil, computer, recording studio, mind) of arranger & producer Steve Millikan.

Baby Lullaby Music features the arrangements of Steve Millikan, noted composer, arranger, and songwriter with 2 gold albums to his credit, and co-writer of the song “Fat Baby” (seems appropriate somehow), recorded by Amy Grant on her platinum album “Age to Age.” His gentle and soothing arrangements will have you and the little ones nodding off in no time.

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    Baby Lullaby Music might make you sleeeepy… Our soothing lullaby music is carefully recorded and mixed to help you and the little one(zzzz) relax and drift gently to sleep!

    Combined with lament, lullaby can have "restorative resounding" properties for hospice inpatients and their families. Lullabies typically soothe people through the awake/sleep transition, and similarly can soothe people through the life/death transition. Music therapists have called these tunes "lullaments", that which sustain the spirit, support psychological structure, and enable resilience during times of vulnerability to the effects of adversity. Lullaments are music-contextualized expressions of attachment and detachment, sadness/tears and happiness/laughter, privilege and loss, nurturance and grief, deterioration, stasis and moving forward.