Pet lovebirds can live up to 15 years or more.

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is an original with , music and lyrics by . The musical officially premiered at the 2015 at on August 7, 2015. The production was directed and choreographed by . Prior to the Edinburgh run, there were two previews held in London at the Lost Theatre (in ) on July 28 and 29. The Original Edinburgh Cast Recording was recorded on July 30 and mixed and mastered on July 31 and August 3 and was first released by on August 12 at the . Two previews took place on August 5 and 6 with Press Night taking place on August 8. The final festival performance took place on August 31. The show starred Ruth Betteridge, , , , Jonny Purchase, , , Rafe Watts and Ryan Willis. In its end of the year round-up of regional British fringe musical theatre, hailed : "a triumph of whimsy, a children’s story written with adult sensibilities and featuring a cracking score that celebrated the lost era of vaudeville. Blessed with an equally strong design from Gabriella Slade and some marvellously sensitive performances, Love Birds was probably the most accomplished piece of musical theatre to arise from the many delights at this year’s festival."

Just then, a well-meaning quartet of penguins inadvertently blocks the plesiosaur’s passage. Dismayed at losing sight of Baalthazar, Armitage’s mood brightens when he discovers that the fresh-faced foursome can sing. After hearing only a short excerpt of their song (Mary Poppins), Armitage hires the quartet on the spot. Suddenly gussied-up in barbershop regalia, Parker, Presley, Pewcey and Puck take the stage as performers in the show. Overnight the four penguins become a regular fixture in the “Love Birds” revue, singing and dancing alongside Baalthazar’s backup singers, the three musical veteran macaws, Vera, Veronica and Valentine (Tinpanorama).

Traditionally, lovebirds are divided into three groups:

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    With all hope seemingly lost, Puck cheers Valentine up just as they’re about to go on stage for the very last time. Suddenly Valentine sees the young penguin through different eyes (Love Birds). At the song’s conclusion, penguin and parrot kiss, causing a scandal that hits all the newspapers. Armitage is forced to appear before the Supreme Court where he must now stand trial in front of the Chief Justice of the land. The case is ultimately dismissed due to there being no actual laws broken.

    Lovebirds are quite aggressive chewers so this must be kept in mind when choosing toys for them. Make sure there are no small parts that can be chewed off and ingested and avoid clips, loose strings, and other parts in which your bird could get its beak, feet, or head trapped in. Safe toys include wood, sisal, leather, acrylic, and rawhide toys (including hanging toys as long as they are not long enough to strangle your bird), bells, and ladders. Household items such as the cardboard tubes from paper towel rolls, paper cups, ink-free cardboard, and dried pasta shapes may also be used by your lovebird. Lovebirds are very active and playful so it is a good idea to have lots of toys on hand to rotate through the cage to keep them occupied. All toys including their hanging devices should be zinc and lead free. Cotton ropes are good too but may be best used only under supervision since threads can come loose and entangle birds easily. For more on picking out safe toys for birds see ""