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Duncan Pulse Yo Yo


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New lighting technology offers increased color changing lights and patterns with each second of increased spin time. It turns a standard 2-handed performance into a fantastic show of light and color! We also carry the Duncan Limelight yoyo, which is just like this yoyo, except that it features a standard wooden axle that makes it even better for looping, but with shorter sleep times because of the lack of ball bearings. And if you want the ultimate in light up yoyos, take a look at the Duncan Freehand Zero with Pulse Technology yoyo. The light up Freehand has a wide, flared gap shape for easier string tricks, and a counterweight so that you can learn the audience captivating "freehand" / 5A style of yoyo play.

Promotional Light up yoyos are good options for company picnics and corporate weekends as well. Whenever your team indulges in a swift rope trick with these delightful toys, your brand image will get a loud display for everyone to see!

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Product Description
Competition LED Light Up YoYo

True YoYo champs know that it takes skill, lightning reflexes and a good yoyo to pull off the craziest tricks. This yoyo will give users of all skill levels the control and balance needed to perform some wild moves. Our Competition LED Light Up YoYo features a super bright blue light inside that makes your yoyo streak crazy light patterns in the dark! This Yo yo also features a pro auto clutch for effortless returns in any direction.

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ProImprint has a range of custom logo light up yoyo in a palette of brilliant colors and shades that will make your brand stunningly visible even in the dark. Once the trick strings are flicked by your recipients, it becomes impossible for the world outside not to take note of your brand! Yoyos are everybody’s favorite toy irrespective of their age which will give you an added advantage in using these spinning brand ambassadors!

Whether you're on the hunt for a thoughtful gift for a child, or an adult who experienced the fun the first time around and loves nostalgic toys with a modern twist, this Super Light Up Yoyo is great for any occasion, and manages to make beginners look like a pro.