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LEGO Star Wars 75107 Jango Fett Building Kit


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The LEGO Star Wars Jango Fett figure is based on the character from Star Wars Episode II, and is modeled to resemble the character. The figure is included with only a single playset, model no. 7153 (Jango Fett's Slave I), and is resultantly quite rare. The figure has Fett's helmet with blue highlights and attached jetpack, and came with two revolver pistols. His armour resembles the Mandalorian LEGO figure, and the helmet (except for its blue details) is the same as the Boba Fett figure. Due to its rarity, this figure has a high price point, even though it must be purchased loose or part of the original playset.

The LEGO version of Jango Fett is a standard sized LEGO character and can fit into any number of vehicles, including the Slave I that he is often sold with. With his distinct Mandalorian helmet and bounty hunter jetpack attached, he is simply lethal but still cool just as he was on that fateful afternoon in the arena on Geonosis. Without his Mandalorian helmet and bounty hunter jetpack, the LEGO Star Wars Jango Fett is still a unique character, but he cannot possibly match the roguish charm of his big screen counterpart.

Lego Star Wars Jango Fett Lego Star Wars Jango Fett

  • Lego Star Wars JANGO FETT Minifigure For set 7153
    $ 75.00 S & H: see site
    at mustbuydogfood - eBay
  • Lego Star Wars Jango Fett - Custom (3) by AronCan on DeviantArt

    Have lots of construction fun with the LEGO Star Wars Jango Fett buildable figure! Battle the Jedi with Jango Fett as you’ve never seen him before! This amazing buildable LEGO version of the galaxy’s greatest bounty hunter is built for intense play and has lots of great details, including fully posable limbs, a jetpack with flick missile shooting function, 2 buildable blaster pistols, holsters and detailed, metal-look armour. It’s time to arm up and go hunt some Jedi!