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LEGO Technic 42009 Mobile Crane MK II (Discontinued by manufacturer)


LEGO Mobile Crane MK II Instructions 42009, Technic

Along with the LEGO Technic Service Truck, the most awaited Technic set this early in the year has to be this LEGO Mobile Crane MK II. A beastly ten-wheeler consruction crane, it's purported to be the largest Technic model ever in terms of piece count, with rumors estimating the set at over 2,600 building parts.

Mobile cranes are ubiquitous on construction sites nowadays, and somehow seem to be ideal targets for modelling with Technic Lego. Perhaps it has something to do with their apparent technical unseemliness; as a child, before I had a more formal grasp of mechanical engineering principles, I could never figure out why they didn't fall over! Nowadays, even with a better understanding of such things, it is still a challenge to create a Lego mobile crane that works well and more to the point, looks good.

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LEGO Technic Mobile Crane MK II (42009)

LEGO Mobile Crane Instructions 8421, Technic