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Nature Replacement Earpads Ear Pads Pad Cushion for Bluedio R+ Legend R Plus U (UFO) Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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Legend Omega, Legend R universal demo, Supra

I listened to the universal demo and Legend R for a total of a few months, and during the refit Jack mentioned if I wanted to try out another version of the Legend. My Legend was fitted with the O.R.C., and got the translucent Green Envy color for the right monitor as a complimentary color to my blue left monitor. The Legend Omega feels amazing in my ears and the seal does not get broken, even if I open my jaw as wide as I can.

The Legend Omega and Legend R comes with a Pelican 1010 Micro Case (Crushproof/Water Resistant), an EarWerkz felt-lined soft-hard case, EarWerkz microfiber cleaning cloth, cleaning brush and tool, I chose the 60” Pro Series Cable to be shipped with the Legend R. I used the Estron Linum Bax Cable (measured 48 inches) that I chose for the Supra to test for auditory comparison purposes.

Power to Drive the Legend Omega and Legend R

218 € Plus d'infos
218 € Plus d'infos

Legend R Universal Demo with SpinFit attached:

In order to stay as safe as possible regarding your entire ear impression process, make sure to get impressions from an audiologist that preferably has experience creating impressions for CIEMs. You can check out EarWerkz’s “” for detailed instructions on how to create impressions. For the fully custom created EarWerkz Legend R, I went to see Sensaphonics Double Golden Circle member and audiologist-to-the-Stars of Musicians Hearing Services, Lisa Tannenbaum to create the impressions, as I had success with her creating impressions for my Sensaphonics Custom Sleeves. Ms. Tannenbaum (her client list: ) does not use a bite block, and has me open my mouth and hold it when the goo is being injected in my ear canal(s), and then talk normally as the impression is curing. I am not stating one method is better over the other, but I am saying there are other methods than not moving your jaw to create the most versatile impressions. I needed a refit because I needed a deeper right ear impression, and doing so gave me the long ear canal tube that I wanted.

The Legend Omega, Legend R, and all of EarWerkz's offerings are 100% created in Buford, just outside of Atlanta, Georgia - USA. From “The EarWerkz Difference” webpage: “Nothing here is automated. Everything is, and will always be, made by our disciplined hands. One look at the finished product and you'll immediately recognize the EarWerkz difference. Take a glance at the internals. Each balanced armature driver undergoes tight inspections and thorough testing to ensure quality. If the driver meets our criteria it is then electrically insulated by our unique conformal coating that permanently shields it from moisture, contaminants, and corroding.