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It is a great toy computer for children ages 3 to 6 years old!
The learning activities teach numbers, letters, music and more!
(There’s actually 22 interactive activities.)
I absolutely love this cute Mickey laptop for kids and it is a great toy idea for Christmas!

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Most laptops for kids will cost between $199 and $600, with a few costing more. The lower ticket laptops may be less durable or constructed for simple, tightly defined uses. While you shouldn’t spend a fortune on your child’s laptop, you will get what you pay for, especially in the area of durability, so expect to spend in the middle of the range and look for sales or bargains to save some money on your purchase.

Always consider the price of the laptops for your kids. Only purchase laptops which have minimum requirements that do not need much processing power and other powerful specifications. The reason behind this is the fact that laptops have the big possibility to be broken, lost, and stolen. This means that replacing a laptop is a big amount of money so it is very important to insure your laptops.

Children that are exposed to laptops and other computer devices have the advantages of learning the concept of computers at their early age. This means that the learning process is faster and easier. Let our kids explore the virtual world of computers as long as we supervise them well, they will learn a lot.