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Strider - 12 Sport Balance Bike, Ages 18 Months to 5 Years, Custom KTM Orange


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The patended KTM Strider PREbike... your toddler will say, "Just like Daddy's dirtbike!" Designed for children, ages 1 - 5, the KTM Strider™ PREbike is lightweight, easy to control and features an adjustable seat and handlebars to accommodate a growing child. Most importantly, the Strider teaches your child balance, coordination and develops glittering confidence.

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KTM STRIDER Balance Bike RLüdert

KTM Strider PreBike Balance Bike November 24, 2011
Reviewer: Sam Hussey from Belmont, vic Australia  

KTM Strider PREbike™ Introduced Just in Time for Christmas

Ryan McFarland (Strider Sports International Founder) says: "The Strider PREbike was born out of my desire to teach my sons how to ride on two wheels at the youngest age possible. Motorcycling has been a passion of mine since my childhood, and I wanted to share the thrill and adventure of the sport with my children. We are confident that offering the KTM licensed Strider PREbike to the KTM family will let parents across the country share their passion and hobby with their kids as I was able to do with mine."

Jon-Erik Burleson (KTM North America, Inc. President) says: "KTM has invested in young motorcycle riders for many years with our large line-up of minicycles, and now, with the KTM Strider we can welcome riders into the KTM Family at a much younger age. We believe wholeheartedly that learning to ride on a PREbike will develop strong riding skills and have kids Ready To Race when they graduate to our minis."