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K'NEX Thrill Rides - 3-in-1 Classic Amusement Park Building Set



The first step in building the KNEX Ferris Wheel is to build the base. Once finished, the base of the Ferris Wheel should resemble a rectangle. It is important, however, to make sure the base is strong and capable of holding the massive wheel. To start, build the base around two of the longer red rods. Place these rods parallel to one another to form two sides of the base rectangle.

Without the actual set or the , or if you have a box full of old , it can be difficult to know whether you have enough pieces to build the KNEX Ferris Wheel. According to the Ferris Wheel box, this project requires about 522 pieces. Before building, check to make sure you have more than 50 of the , a few black connectors, at least 70 connectors of various angles, at least 90 of the smaller rod connectors, about 300 of the rods, eight of the Ferris Wheel seats, and one large, yellow gear. Furthermore, to get the Ferris Wheel moving on its own, you need to make sure you have a .

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Knex Firestorm Ferris Wheel Set

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has long stood as one of the most prolific makers of imaginative, construction toys and playsets. Among the many KNEX models available, the Ferris Wheel endures as one of the more stunning, complex options. Once completed, the stands about 2.5 feet tall, which makes it an accessible and grandiose toy for the kid's bedroom or the living room. Furthermore, with the KNEX Ferris Wheel building set, you can build three different models from the set's 522 pieces, including the Ferris Wheel, a boom ride, and a whirling spin ride. Even if you don't have the instructions, building the KNEX Ferris Wheel is an easy endeavor as long as you have the right parts.