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Fisher-Price Big Bang Drumset with Lights


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Our DS-1 kids drumset is the most affordable set we have in the realistic type of set up with real wood and metal rims. This very small size fits very young kids. It is not too over-bearing and they can actually reach the pedals! This is a popular model for those parents that don't want to spend a lot of money but want a kids drum set that's more realistic than the plastic stuff you sometimes see. This childrens drumset is now available in 3 colors!

Your budding young drummer will be keeping the beat in no time with this little 3 piece pro-like kids drumset! Designed after the "grown-up" drums, this small childs drumset features a 13" bass drum, 10" snare drum, 8" tom, 8" brass cymbal, metal rims and attachments, bass drum pedal, drumsticks, tuning key and real "tuneable" drumheads! Add to this "real wood drum shells" and this makes the perfect ! This kids drumset is available in colors BLACK, PINK, or RED. .

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Ok, you've decided that your little drummer boy (or girl) needs a drumset. What do you do next? Simply determine whether they will need a toy type of drumset (the little 3 piece ones), a scaled down pro model kids drumset (so younger kids can reach the pedals) or a full size 5 piece drumset (the kinds of drumset the pros use). We have several different drumsets for kids and childrens drum brands to choose from. Head to our section and see our selection of each of these types of kids drumsets.

The Kids Jamm 3 Pc. are built to resemble an adult drumset only smaller. The drumset features a 10" hi-hats with stand and 10" snare drum with stand that are separate from the 16" bass drum. It also comes with a 10" tom tom, 8" cymbal with titled arm, metal drum hardware, bass drum pedal, drumsticks, drum seat, tuning key and real tunable drumheads! Everything you need in a kids size drumset.