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World Pride Kids Childrens Double-sided Standing Easel, Black Chalk Board/White Dry Ease Drowing Chalk Board,21-25.6 x 14.8 x 13.4"

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Dry erase boards and chalkboards allow teachers to present curriculum in a manner that appeals to students who are part of large classrooms. They also allow students to take turns improving their scholastic expertise. However, some dry erase boards and chalkboards are just too tall for younger children to reach. This is why teachers who instruct young children should consider ordering the Kids Chalkboard. The 36 by 22-inch combo board sits at a young child's eye level, giving him or her access to draw or compute simple math problems. Strong oak legs support the dual sided Kids Chalkboard and solid oak trim supports the writing surfaces. Teachers love this board because it allows two children to participate in class discussions simultaneously. This highly durable combo for young kids carries a 50-year warranty and it provides young children with a lifetime worth of school memories.

I had been looking for a dresser for months when I spotted a $5 dresser at a yard sale. It was old and ugly, but for five bucks, I was willing to take my chances at refurbishing a dresser for the first time. My first plan was to sand it and stain it. When I got it home my husband mentioned the chalkboard paint we had left over from the chalkboard wall we have in the hallway. That’s when the idea for a DIY Customized Kids Chalkboard Dresser was born (thanks babe).

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