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today told us there would be some kids boxing around 4pm by the main

Of course the above kids boxing workout outline will make them better boxers too! Just making sure you understand that! From self defense, competition, to self confidence which comes form learning self defense and also competing, boxing workouts for kids changes kids for the better!

Some of the bikers we met today told us there would be some kids boxing around 4pm by the main post office in Accra. We went there, not exactly knowing what to expect. Would this be some totally fucked up kid fight club? We got there, and it turned out that a young professional kick boxer (who told us he had traveled all around the world to compete in fights) was reffing a match between 2 boys who couldn’t have been older than 8. There was a makeshift ring, made from chalk lines on a 10 x 10 sq. foot chunk of concrete. The guy said that he and the kids meet every Sunday to train. It was really an awesome thing. The kids were totally involved, and they had gloves and head guards on, so there was no bare fist fighting going on. A big crowd was gathered around watching the kids box. We hung for about an hour then headed home after a long, tiring, sweaty day of shooting the bikers.

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    This is why kids boxing helps them grow athletically faster than just little league baseball or soccer. Its all the different skipping, bounding, and other unique movements that develops their nervous systems to function better and that’s key in athletic performance. How developed is the nervous system. if it has never been challenged then the kid will display that by sub par athleticism.

    Our Kids Boxing Class is suitable for girls and boys. Kids will be shown all the different types of punches thrown in boxing. They will then wear boxing gloves and throw those punches at focus pads and boxing bags. Boxing is a great way for children to get involved in exercise as well as learning discipline and having fun!