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X-Men Action Figures, bought on clearance at KB Toys, $10 for both

I have always hated KB Toys, and I have honestly only been the store three times in my life. I’ve searched the packed shelves of for a glimmer of something that I could give my children that was not made of plastic, commercialized, , gender specified, or Chinese made. Thus, I was not saddend to hear this .

Dec. 11, 2008: KB Toys files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and announces plans to liquidate its assets; 270 employees in Pittsfield get layoff notices, with no severance.

The KB Toys brand lives on, but only as a shadow of its former self.

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February 2007: KB Toys closes its store at the Berkshire Mall.

October 2008: KB Toys announces that more than 200 toys in its retail inventory will be reduced to $10 or less as the holiday buying season approaches amid a sliding economy.

If I’m remembering the story right, the Manimals collection was conceived in the mid ‘90s, but never made it past the prototype stage. Hasbro eventually released retooled versions of certain characters in 2000, where they then languished on clearance racks at KB Toys until the chain went kaput many years later. (In fact, I purchased Slythor from KB Toys mere months before its death!)