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Pokémon Pokemon: 8-inch Legendary Jirachi Plush Yellow, Free

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Jirachi plush by Fluctorissia on Etsy

In addition, and as shown in the trailer below, there's a special Jirachi offering in the Pokémon Trading Card Game, and some Toys 'R Us stores in North America are selling special Jirachi plush toys.

And a in the games isn’t the only way to get a Jirachi: it will also be available in the Pokemon Trading Card game as a special card, and some Toys R Us stores are selling Jirachi plush toys.

A cuddly, life-sized Jirachi plush

  • Includes limited edition 8” Jirachi plush
  • Jirachi plush comes in crushed velvet material
  • Packaged in premium reusable vinyl bag
  • Look for more limited edition plush releases throughout the year

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Here is a Pocket Monster doll which is devised with Jirachi as its prototype. Jirachi's shape looks like a star, which can be seen as an attractive part of this figure. Its super cute look is sure to win kids' love. In addition, the Pokemon Jirachi plush toy has a soft touch. You should not miss it!

This cute little Jirachi plush measures about 6" tall (not including it's ribbons) and has a ball chain attached. It can be displayed hanging from whatever you want, and makes a super cute little plush keychain!