Itty Bitty Boo Camouflage Hoodie #002 Plush 5" Gund NWT RETIRED #GUND

Gund Itty Bitty Boo #026 Leopard Suit Plush, 5"


ITTY BITTY BOO - World cutest dog!

Itty Bitty Boo #026 is proudly showing his leopard spots in this fun suit! The latest in Itty Bitty Boo collection, this 4" version of the World's Cutest Dog is too cute to resist. You'll want to collect them all!

For Ages: 1+

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Boo—The World's Cutest Dog is an internet sensation that made his way onto the pop culture scene on Facebook and has amassed more than 2.5 million fans. GUND has created a stuffed animal collection that allows fans to own their very own Boo. The Itty Bitty Boo collection features five-inch stuffed animal versions of the cute Pomeranian. Itty Bitty Boo Jogging Suit features a palm-sized version of Boo wearing a blue jogging suit with red stripes.

Itty Bitty Boo 5 inch plush with Striped T-shirt by GUND.

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A beautifully designed plush toy, our Itty Bitty Birthday Boo sits 12.5cm (5") high. He has super soft cuddly cream fur on his body and brown fur on his head with airbrushed detailing. Ready to party, the little dog wears a yellow party hat decorated with multicoloured polka dots. The hat has a red pompom and a green frilly trim at the base.

With his cute face and playful attitude, who could resist adopting this cute bundle of fur? It will make a much loved birthday keepsake for adults and children of all ages. Order your Itty Bitty Birthday Boo plush toy online or call 0800 9776 988 for fast UK delivery.