Ok, so, what makes Infinity the Game so gosh-darn awesome?

Infinity Operation: Icestorm - PanOceania vs Nomads 2 Player Starter Set


Infinity the Game: Pan-O, Jotum WIP by SephKnight on DeviantArt

Infinity the Game is a tabletop wargame revolving around high stakes missions with a small group of elite soldiers. For those of you unfamiliar with tabletop gaming, most employ miniatures, a physical representation of your characters, monsters, equipment, etc. For Infinity the Game, miniatures are usually a soldier or robot but can also be a creature capable of movement. Using a rulebook, players move around the table, working to complete their objectives. Infinity implements a sci-fi styled, futuristic game that allows for many different strategies to be used throughout game play. With an endless amount of scenarios, miniature combinations and decisions to be made, Infinity the Game allows for copious amounts of creativity and fun.

Spain-based company that sells a wide array of extras for games and has a complete line of products compatible with "Infinity the game" designed to enhance your gaming experience.

Infinity the Game: CA, Raicho WIP by SephKnight on deviantART

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