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Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper


Nuby Infant Nail Clipper - Sears

The Nuby Infant Nail Clipper will help you cut and trim your baby’s nails without worrying about accidentally cutting part of their skin. New babies are very fragile and require products that will be extremely gentle, while helping your baby stay safe. Mittens are not always an option and can be awkward and uncomfortable for your new baby.

By having the Nuby Infant Nail Clipper you can put the mittens aside for winter and keep your baby’s nails maintained as they continue to grow. While your baby is sleeping they can easily scratch themselves without realizing it. This baby nail clipper will help you cut your baby’s nails with a clean and precise cut. The Nuby Infant Nail Clipper is designed to last and enables you to cut your baby’s nails often without causing them any additional discomfort. The nail clippers come with a cute baby graphic design on the front of the nail clippers.

Summer Infant Nail Clipper, Brush & Comb Grooming Set

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    The Summer Infant Nail Clipper Set includes both standard and infant sized clippers, making it great for the whole family. The standard nail clipper handle rotates 360 degrees for added control.
  • Summer Infant Nail Clipper Set - Kohl's

    This is another great product from Safety 1st. With its clean and crafty design, this infant nail clipper has all the things you need for easy nails trimming. Many customers and parents have found this product to be the best way to clip baby nails. A quick scan of the reviews and ratings left for this tool on Amazon confirms this claim. It snatched 4.5 stars out of a possible 5. You too can enjoy clipping your baby’s nails instead of looking at it as a chore.

    I only created this list to be helpful, so that if anyone wanted to buy us something it would be needed and ultimately used. Because while I was happy to receive a pair of infant nail clippers, it was the five additional pairs we were subsequently gifted that I don’t know what to do with. And it makes me sad to think that someone put their heart (and wallet) toward a gift we already have.