Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcopter


Fisher-Price Imaginext Batcopter - DC Super Friends Series - Batman

Last year for Christmas my younger son (then 4, now 5) got a small Batcopter. His unnatural love for all things Batman and Robin hasn't diminished any since then, and when he got some birthday money last month he wanted another, bigger, better Batcopter. He got it.

The new Fisher Price Imaginext Batcopter is a recycled design that reuses a previous rescue copter from the Imaginext Adventures line. It makes a good Batcopter, with solid construction and fun play features, perfect for a little boy (or girl) to reenact their favorite Batman scenarios. There are five pieces in the $19.99 set, including the Batcopter, a rescue raft, a small submarine, and Batman and Robin action figures.

The Batcopter itself is the largest of the Fisher Price Batman vehicles currently available. It's 12" long and 8" tall with 11" spinning rotors. The bubble-like cockpit opens so Batman can sit in the pilot seat, and the joystick controls fit well into his hands. The rear of the helicopter is accessed with a sliding door, and a hook and winch reels out to help rescue fallen Boy Wonders or capture bad guys. A trigger in the tail of the Batcopter makes the rotors spin, and three wheels form the landing gear. The small rescue raft attaches to the hook and can be stored in the rear of the helicopter, and an Imaginext figure fits securely on the raft. The whole Batcopter is in black, blue and yellow colors, and the Batman logo is on the side of the vehicle. The oddest piece of this set is the spherical submarine that comes with it, an olive green and gray color. It doesn't seem to have much to do with Batman, but my boy thinks it's cool anyway. It has clawed mechanical arms and a bubble canopy that seal shut, and since it's all plastic, it works as a bath toy.

For this price, this is a great Batman toy. The set includes standard Batman (gray and black with a cloth cape) and Robin (red and green and no cape) Imaginext action figures, and they fit well into both vehicles. It would have been nice to include one villain or one civilian to rescue with the Batcopter and raft, but what's included here is great. I've always trusted the name Fisher Price for my kids, and these are safe, durable toys that are well worth the price. If your kids are Bat-fans, they'll love the Batcopter.

This larger Batcopter is only available at Toys R Us as an exclusive playset; there are several other Fisher Price Batman sets that are Toys R Us exclusives as well. If you're looking for these sets for Christmas or birthdays, this might be a place to start.


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