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A 1937 illuminated world globe is a vintage library, office or classroom resource with wonderful details. Dating a globe all depends on its historical geographical changes and at certain points in history this shifted quickly. This globe in particular has 1937 historical divisions and occupancy control, such as Burma being marked independent from India (occurred in 1937), Persia is now named Iran (occurred in 1935), and Ethiopia is named Italian East Africa (due to Italian occupancy in 1936). The globe does not date past 1937, since Austria is still depicted united with Germany (separation occurred in 1938) and Slovakia is not yet an independent country (which occurred in 1939). The globe has a full circular longitude and latitude measurement on a metal stand. The globe has an electric cord to plug in the wall with a pull string to illuminate the light inside. This is a rich piece of 1937 geographical history to add to your collection.

With a little knowledge, you can choose the illuminated world globe that best fits your style and personality. When choosing the right illuminated globe for you, choose one that has all the features you're looking for, such as the height and style of the stand, and the color ocean that best meets your decor or educational needs. Never before have so many different styles and models of illuminated world globes been available at such incredible values as you will find at Ultimate Globes, so you have the freedom to choose the globe that is love at first sight!

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Illuminated world globes are available in many different styles including antique or old world style world globes, modern and contemporary style world globes or a blend of both! They're available with a great number of base styles, including rich, solid wood bases and sleek metal frames.

Many illuminated world globes provide dual map illumination, that allow you to view two different map styles based on whether the globe is illuminated or not. When the illumination is turned on, many lighted globes show either geopolitical boundaries or physical boundaries, while the opposite map is shown when the illumination is turned off. This makes for a very dynamic and educational world globe, increasing its value as a comprehensive learning tool. With a globe that features dual map illumination, you can have two different globes in one!