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In 2007, Mattel released 36 New Models (formerly First Editions), 12 Treasure Hunts (with a hard-to-find regular version and even rarer "super" version of each), 12 Teams of 4 cars each (formerly Segment Series), 24 Code Cars (codes imprinted inside packaging that can be used to unlock web content), 12 Track Stars (formerly Track Aces), 24 Mystery Cars (packaged on a card with a blacked-out blister, so the buyer cannot see which car is inside without opening it), and 24 All Stars (formerly Open Stock). In late 2006, a new package design for 2007 was released. Some 2006 cars and all 2007 cars are packaged on a blister card with the new design. Hotwheels released a series called Modifighters, which are similar to Transformers except for the fact that they were originally cars and were modified into robots. The Modifighters' names are: Streetwyse, Skullface, Live Wire, Bedlam, Nightlife, Mr. Big, and Quick-Tyme.

The project seems to make use of technology from Real Fx, a KickStarter project that had launched its own racing car set last year. HotWheels has improvised on the Real FX system and has also refreshed the controllers. The swappable car shells ensure that the kids are amused by the variety and customise their own cars.

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Welcome to the 8th installment of My Your Custom Hotwheels – Episode 8, August 3rd 2016. Every 2 weeks, month, couple of months!?! I showcase the finest customs I find around Facebook and Instagram, collating them all into one article so you can get your fortnightly fix of custom hot wheels and diecast car porn all in one place. This isn’t about My Custom Hotwheels, it’s about Yours *Remember to hashtag #MyCustomHotwheels for a chance to be featured...

rtificial Intelligence has literally been the buzz word lately with every OEM and app maker trying to employ the same. While some might argue that AI has been an overkill it is still a technology that is going to change the way the World works. Well, Mattel seems to have taken the cue and has announced its own AI Toys. HotWheels has been one of the most memorable parts of our childhoods and the HotWheels set with the loop tracks was something we yearned for.