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Home Depot Canvas Work Apron

Too low to display

easy car organization- using a .77 cent Home Depot apron.

Home Depot My Apron website can only be accessed through computers at your Home Depot. Access to myapron is allowed by logging in from an in store computer on the network. otherwise you can not take part in monthly quizzes and other schemes without being on job. The job you do at home depot, have to get paid for.

There have been a few posts around the pet blogosphere lately about just enjoying a walk with your dog. Every time I read posts like that I think about how I can’t just enjoy a walk with Pearl. She pulls, she lunges at squirrels and rabbits, she barks her head off at other dogs. I have to be in training mode the whole time we are walking, clicker and treats in hand, reversing direction every time she pulls, constantly vigilant for distractions and triggers so that I can try to manage the situation. I am really excited about the progress Pearl has been making, but we never really “just” go for a walk, where we let my feet and her nose take us wherever. Lately I do not look forward to our walks because I feel like I don’t have the energy. I come home from walks frustrated and tired. I feel like I have to consciously choose the routes where we are least likely to encounter other dogs. We have to prepare ahead of time with handfuls of treats that I store in my always attractive home depot canvas apron (I must look like a loon to everyone I pass with my apron around my waist, and juggling a tube of peanut butter, a clicker, a bag of poop, and a lunging, panting dog in my two hands.)

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    Found this idea on using Home Depot nail aprons to tie around the backs of my classroom chairs for library books. I couldn't just leave them with the orange logo - I HAD to paint them to coordinate with my room theme colors! I also added the number I assign each student on the first day. SO HAPPY HOW THE TURNED OUT!!

    These Home Depot aprons are only 77 cents and make for great desk organizers when tied around a chair. | 29 Clever Organization Hacks For Elementary School Teachers