Is that a BTI GoStick in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

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We hooked up with the folks from BTI recently in Las Vegas to take a quick look at their GoStick II portable battery. This is one of those "need-it-right-this-second" solutions that'll give you an extra charge in a pinch via microUSB. The GoStick II has a 2,600 mAh capacity, so you'll only get about one extra go with this thing.

The GoStick II is nicely designed. It's about as big as a roll of quarters and finished with a soft-touch coating. The rounded triangle design fits nicely in your hand, which is a plus when you're using the included LED flashlight (long a favorite feature for me when it comes to portable batteries.) The five-stage charge indicator is easily visible but not harsh, and it lights up after you hit the button for 1 second. A 3-second hold lights up the LED flashlight.

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Selfie Go Stick - Unboxing and Video Test

Just 1) plug in The GoGo Stick into your TV HDMI, 2) connect your favorite USB mouse or keyboard, 3) connect to the Internet via Wifi and in minutes you will instantly transform your TV into The Smart TV

Of course yes, Selfies are like a holy ritual now a days. In fact your day is not complete without that one damn crazy selfie with your best friends. We can’t deny that selfies are now slowly taking over the world and If you want to be at the top of that world then you definitely gonna need on good selfie stick to capture great selfie clicks easily.