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Gladiator is accused of murdering two fellow inmates and Matt Murdock's law firm is defending him. Murdock's super-senses indicate that he is telling the truth when he claims he is innocent. However, at the end of the issue, taunted by another inmate, Gladiator snaps his handcuffs and brutally assaults the inmate and a corrections officer, only to surrender to another officer and claim once again that he didn't do it. Later, after being broken out of an armored car, Melvin beats a confused Daredevil and moves to the sewers, heading for his Gladiator costume. Gladiator then goes on a rampage in killing innocent people and then attacking Matt and Milla in a restaurant. After being knocked out, Matt reawakens in a police car to hear a voice that Gladiator will murder his wife. Matt finds the Gladiator and Milla, rescues Milla, and defeats the Gladiator. Melvin realizes what he has done and attempts suicide, but is saved by Daredevil. Potter is taken back to prison, and is heavily sedated after repeatedly banging his head against the wall. It is revealed that had secretly administered chemicals to Potter that caused him to go irreversibly insane with rage.

Potter was pressured into producing a Daredevil costume for a madman in the employ of the crime lord known as the , but Murdock comes to tell him to play along. Potter later donned his Gladiator costume again to discourage a youth from a life of crime.

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Gender: Mens Age: Teen, Adult
Costume Theme: Couples, Greek, Gladiator, Soldier, Warrior Customer Favorites: Historical, Couples, Occupation
Historical: Greek & Roman, Medieval & Viking, Warrior Popular Themes: Army & Military
Occupations: Army & Military Included Accessories: Shirt, Roman Gladiator costume tunic, and the pants with boot tops.

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Now reformed, the Gladiator later allied with Daredevil and against the . Donning his Gladiator costume again, Potter met .

Chances are you won't be fighting in the Colosseum, but you may just hear the crowd chanting your name when you walk in the room wearing your very own gladiator costume. Transport yourself back to a time when only the bravest and strongest were champions with some simple-to-make gladiator garb paired with weaponry and sandals.