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DC Super Hero Girls Supergirl 12" Action Doll


What an adorable doll, I love the American Girl Dolls.

The little girl I mentor loves American Girl dolls and the bitty babies! I would love to win this doll for her! She doesn’t have one and the dolls played such an integral part of my childhood and a huge role in my love of reading! I want to share those things with her!

The American Girl dolls are so incredible I think they have everything covered from little girls on crutches to a day at the Salon! American Girl dolls are the best and so wonderful for little girls!

My granddaughter love the American Girl dolls;

American Girl
Molly McIntire, one of the American Girl dolls
Type Doll
Inventor Pleasant Rowland
Company Pleasant Company, Mattel
Country United States
Availability 1986–present
Official website

My niece loves American Girl Dolls, I would love to win this for her.

They reminded me too much of the whole “” dolls and the hyper-narcissism that they imply. Our daughter did manage to get two American Girl Dolls (as gifts) but I really started to balk when the books started showing up in the house (from the library).

Wow. That was very interesting. We have lots of American girl dolls. I haven’t bought any of them. They were a gift from older sister. My daughter is her namesake. THis is pretty fascinating. I completely missed Julie. WOW!!!! Very insightful. I’ve really enjoyed the movies. I hope Julie gets a movie. Thanks for this.