Gift ideas for a 7 year old boy

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Ideas for Christmas and birthday gifts for my 7 year old son ..

Finding great gifts for a 7 year old boy starts with understanding a little about the boy's personality and understanding his interests. Seven year old boys have more toy options because physically and mentally they are now more mature. They can now read, so games and other activities that previously required someone to read to them are now available anytime. Physically they have better coordination skills and understanding of safety to be able to do more things and play with a wider range of toys. Some of the gift ideas below for a 7 year old boy reflect their abilities at this age.

As the boys get older the holiday gift giving gets harder and harder. This year it’s all about the gear and games……. the days of mountains of toys is slowly getting smaller. It’s about the gear, the fashion, and of course the Legos! Check out our Holiday Gift Ideas for 7 Year Old Boys from our writer Nicole.

Birthday & Christmas Ideas for Boys 7 to 12 Years Old

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