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The original action figure G.I. Joe was created by the Hasbro toy company in 1964, in part as a response to the popularity of Barbie dolls with American girls. Joe was a World War II style fighting man, nearly 12 inches tall, and his movable joints right down to the wrists made him a speedy hit with young boys.

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GI Joe Classic Collection Millennium Salute, MIB. This is a 35th anniversary edition. He comes with rifle, uniform, display stand and base and the 2000 GI Joe Millennium Salute medal with case. This is a push back toy in which the figurine raises his hands to salute. He comes mint in the original box, never removed. This is a 12 inch G. I. Joe figurine for ages 5 and up. This is made by Hasbro, Inc., 1999. 05FIGS46X1

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