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Gearation Refrigerator Magnets


TOMY Toys Gearation Refrigerator Magnets

Part of his lack of interest is my fault. The age appropriateness for this toy begins at three. He?s halfway through his fifth year, so I think that if he were younger, he would be more inclined to play with it. I need to remember that he is not a baby anymore and preschool toys just don?t cut it. But it?s fine, I?m going to save Gearation for his brother who is 17-months, I?m sure when he is three this toy will see a lot of action.

Sadly,since Christmas my son has only played with Gearation a handful of times. Each time he has played with it, he has enjoyed it, but it just doesn?t seem to hold his interest. That?s frustrating when I consider I paid $29.99 for this toy. I wish now that I had purchased one of the sets of extra gears that I have seen. I?m not sure how many come in a box, but they retail for about $12.99.

TOMY Toys Gearation Refrigerator Magnets

Gearation by Tomy with 17 Gears

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Re: Gearation by Tomy with 17 Gears


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TOMY John Deere Gearation Magnetic Board

Gearation is a toy that consists of a magnetic board. Included in the box are 11 gears of various shapes and sizes. Your child arranges the gears on the magnetic board and when the board is turned on the gears turn. It?s really very simple and quite fun.

I purchased this toy at a local educational toy store. I have seen both the Gearation and the extra gears sold through several online toy retailers. I paid $29.99 for it, but have seen it priced at $24.99.