LevelUp Wii Factor Game Storage Tower Black by LevelUp.

Atlantic 63712035 Nestable 52 DVD/BluRay Games Tower - Gunmetal

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The teenager is happy because he has a cool new game storage tower.

Those of us who own gaming consoles, DVD and Blu-ray players probably have a lot of discs sitting in our rooms. You are always going to have a more enjoyable playing experience if you use a game storage tower to organize your games. These 5 storage towers help you keep your game room tidy:

Keeping things in one place, like DVD’s, games and other entertainment items can be a frustrating task, especially in a large household where kids’ stuff and parents’ stuff can easily get mixed into a big pile. A good solution around this problem is to buy separate video game storage towers for the kids and the parents. This way, you can organize yours and theirs into each separate storage tower. Of course there is no guarantee that still won’t be a mess… but it’s worth a try.
Video game storage tower:

Video game storage tower pictured: LevelUp Evolution Controller and Game Storage Tower Black

Universal Stealth Game Storage Tower for Nintendo Wii | GameStop

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  • LevelUp Game Storage Tower : can hold 38 games and DVDs

    If you find yourself constantly picking up video game discs off the family room floor or hate seeing them tossed around in your kid’s room, you might want to consider buying a video game storage tower. The majority of these storage towers can hold Playstation 2 and 3 cases as well as XBOX, Wii, and even BluRay cases as well. Some models are interlocking and stackable, so that as your game collection grows, so can your tower.
    Video game storage tower:

    Video game storage tower pictured:

    If you’re a seriously hard core gamer, chances are you have a lot of video games hanging around all over the place, which can make searching for your favorite games a frustrating ordeal. Video game storage towers can be a great way to organize and even categorize your games alphabetically or by gaming system. And depending on how may games you have, you can get small towers that hold up around 25 games or so, or huge furniture style cabinets that can hold a serious collection of video games.
    Video game storage towers:

    Video game storage towers pictured:
    Also available in a model that holds 52 games.