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Once someone has sunken all of their opponent�s ships, we go to a Game Over screen which displays who won the game of Battleship and has the distinction of being the best naval commander on the seven seas��well at least until the next game of Battleship is played. By hitting the # sign, the player will be able to go back to the introduction page to play the game again if he desires.

We play a Minecraft version of a classic board game Battleship!

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Battleship War - iPhone game screenshots. Gameplay Battleship War.

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    Artillerists is a turn-based isometric strategy game that features deeply modernized gameplay mechanics of the favorite classic game Battleship. Player should destroy the enemy’s armed forces, capture territories, earn money and upgrade their army. In addition to the main types of units and weapons, player can use unique ordnance, such as radar reconnaissance, volley fire, air strikes, artillery strikes and many others. Also player has to do economic planning and resource management properly in order to win.

    With oversized games like Battleship, Connect Four and Jenga, this event gives students a chance to blow off a little steam after the first day of school, Stines said.