Tips for Opening a Frozen Car Door

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This frozen car rescue is simple to make! All you need is a handful of cars and a milk carton. Cut the top off of your milk carton, add a few cars and a small amount of water. Pop it into the freezer and keep repeating in small layers until you have filled the milk carton! This way your frozen car rescue has plenty of cars to find until the very end.

This frozen car rescue melting ice activity and science experiment is awesome for encouraging fine motor skills. Give your child eye droppers, squeeze or squirt bottles, and basters to melt the ice. I set out a large bowl of warm water as well.

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Melting ice is such a simple but important water science activity for young children. We make our water science experiments playful like this frozen car rescue! Ice melt experiments are neat for kids to see the change happening. Our frozen car rescue keeps the fun and learning exciting as each car is rescued! We have tons of great ideas for here.

In the video, a passenger opens a connecting car door and is greeted by a completely frozen car, every interior surface of the walkway between main cars covered in ice and snow.