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Natural Magic Fragrance Beads, Lavender, 12 oz


One of our best selling fragrances for beads

Our Fragrance Beads are so powerfully scented and long lasting, that in “closed” environments the scent can last for years! Also known as Aroma Beads, Potpourri Beads or Scent Beads, ours contain triple the fragrance that botanical potpourri does.

Pour the fragrance beads into the bowl, being careful not to splash. These porous, plastic beads are made to absorb oils and are available at craft stores. Stir the beads into the oils and allow them to sit for about 24 hours.

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    Scentimental Gifts, etc. specializes in aroma beads! We have tested many different types of polymer plastic beads and fragrance oils to find out which ones work best & can produce a long-lasting, strong scent . You can purchase our aroma beads already scented & colored, with fun added items, or you can purchase our unscented aroma beads and make aroma fragrance beads yourself!!

    Lisa Hoffman is an award-winning perfumer, jewelry designer, innovator, mother and philanthropist. Inspired by a precious gift from her husband, Lisa began designing necklaces and bracelets with a treasure inside – fragrance beads.