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Cabbage Patch Kids Baby So Real Doll, African American Girl


Real Baby Milk - Designed by nature, made by mum

These realistic newborn baby dolls are weighted, so they not only look like real babies, they also feel like real babies! This gives kids the feeling of caring for a real live baby. These are some of the cutest newborn baby dolls that look real!

In 1993, Rick and Mary Jurmain were watching a news program and saw that California schools were using eggs and sacks of flour to teach infant care. Rick remarked to Mary that these seemed like poor substitutes for a real baby because there was no crying or round-the-clock feedings. Mary jokingly challenged her engineer husband to build a better baby. Rick took Mary’s challenge to heart. Several weeks later the first prototype of the infant simulator was born.

So Truly Real Baby Dolls - The Ashton Drake Galleries

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