Flying shark drops 50 gold coins, and it always drops the .

Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Shark


J-15 Flying Shark Specifications:

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Established in 2006 Flying Sharks has been flying live marine animals to public aquaria all over the World, from Japan to the USA, Turkey to Dubai, Germany to Spain, and many other locations. We mostly focus on large aircraft transports but we also regularly supply ornamental fish, and invertebrates, in smaller shipments.

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    Flying shark swim through the air with incredibly smooth and life-like motion. They require only Two 5 # battery and have complete up ,down and 360 degree turning control.
  • - J-15 Flying Shark, Naval Strrike Fighter by Hasegawa(this model).

    One of Flying Shark's attacks is to charge at the player 5 times. Flying shark can also drop sharks that can walk onto the ground, and he can also create tornados that try to suck the player in. These tornados act like Duke Fishron's tornados, and it deals 190 health every 3.5 seconds when you are in it.

    Flying Sharks is also proud to boast a predominantly scientific team and fervourously supports research conducted both inhouse or by our "Flying Sharks Research Fund" recipients. All our results (both the good and the not-so-good) are published on peer reviewed journals (check them out in the “Literature” section) and disseminated in scientific meetings all over the Globe.