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Picture it ….having your loved ones waking up to a flock of flamingos in their yard. Or maybe they are coming home from work or school and thought nobody remembered their big day, only to arrive and find a flock waiting to greet them. We put our displays our around 9 or 10pm or during the day as well. It all depends on how you want to surprise them.

Since flamingo chicks have a higher survival rate if they are hand-reared, zookeepers are keeping the babies out of the spotlight for now. When they are older, the birds will join the zoo's flock of flamingoes outside, according to Smithsonian officials. [Related Gallery: ]

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​At the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, the first greater flamingo egg was laid in 1998; 6 years later, another greater flamingo chick pecked its way out through its shell and into history in 2004 as the facility’s 100th hatching of this . Today, the Park has the largest flock of greater flamingos in the United States at around 150 birds. We have hatched 173 chicks, so far. The Safari Park is also home to lesser flamingos and Chilean flamingos.

So the next time you’re sightseeing in Florida, don’t expect to see large flocks of flamingos standing around everywhere. Not unless you want to count those flamboyant pink lawn ornaments, which, by the way, aren’t native either. Don Featherstone, a sculptor from Massachusetts, invented them in 1957—just check for his signature under the statue’s tail!